Computer navigation is a tool designed for precise planning of implantation procedure. In Nawrocki Clinic we use the most advanced digital planning software 3D - SIMPLANT.

In the first stage of this process a CBCT tomographic photo of maxilla (upper jaw) or mandible (lower jaw) is taken in order to obtain the image of bone anatomy. The second stage is taking a digital intra-oral imprint - by means of optical scanner Cerec Omnicam we obtain the image of patient's oral cavity. Data gained in this way is sent to SIMPLANT program, where a doctor is able to accurately plan the positioning of the implant.

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Digital planning takes into account such factors as the size of implant (diameter, length, shape), bone in which the implant is to be inserted (its density, width of ridge, inclination of ridge), anatomical surrounding structures (nerves, sinuses, vessels, adjoining teeth). All these are significant to design the future prosthetic restoration. To put it in a nutshell: the dentist in this way is able to find the optimal position of the implant. After the design has been approved the company in Belgium manufactures a surgical guide of dental resin. Thanks to this guide the doctor during the implantation procedure may prepare the implant bed following the safety rules, with high precision, using special sleeve drills. The implant itself is inserted through the surgical guide at a proper depth and at an appropriate angle.

innowacyjny laser Fotona LightWalker - Nawrocki Clinic

Advantages of using SIMPLANT computer navigation include:

  • better preparation and planning of implantation procedure
  • incredible precision of implant insertion according to the planned position
  • shortened duration of the procedure, particularly while inserting several implants
  • safety of the procedure
  • very good stability of implants
  • higher predictability of the procedure
  • in certain cases the possibility of avoiding additional procedures such as sinus lift, bone transplants - SmartFix, which is, as a result, more cost-effective for the patient.
  • increased comfort for the patient and the opportunity of obtaining better aesthetic results