Preventive dental care is the future of dentistry.

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We are convinced that prevention is the basis and the future of dentistry. It is obvious that prevention is better and cheaper than cure. That is why we emphasise prevention and educate our patients in this area.

Our patients appreciate our care for their health, time and money. Within the scope of preventive treatment we offer free of charge check-ups every 6 months, fluoridation and sealing of dental furrows.

innowacyjny laser Fotona LightWalker - Nawrocki Clinic



Periodontics is a branch dealing with periodontal diseases, that is: diseases of gums and bones surrounding teeth. Bacterial infections in this area negatively affect comfort and patients' well-being. It is connected with teeth stability, aesthetics and bad breath.

Within the framework of comprehensive treatment we offer our patients scaling procedure - removal of tartar and residue from the surface of teeth. Antibacterial treatment is supported with ozonotherapy and reappearance of bacteria is prevented by means of sand-blasting and teeth polishing.

In case of very serious periodontal lesions we use methods allowing to functionally and aesthetically reconstruct the damaged area: open and closed curettage, transplants of soft tissue, lengthening of clinical tooth crown.