Lasers have also an increasing number of uses in dentistry and daily practice: It is the most advanced technology supporting the daily work at Dental Clinic. Doctors at our clinic have at their disposal the most advanced to perform procedures both on soft and hard tissue - FOTONA LIGHTWALKER and diode laser - LITEMEDICS. LightWalker lasers change the quality of work in dental practice thanks to application of two optimal wavelengths Er:YAG i Nd:YAG. Obviously, different dental procedures require different laser wavelengths to be applied. Laser wavelength plays an important role here because specific types of tissue of human body respond differently depending on the source of radiation. Thanks to the possibility of two complementary (as regards their impact on the tissue) laser wavelengths, LightWalker is practically a universal laser. Virtually all laser assisted dental procedures may be performed with the use of Er:YAG laser, which is characterized by the highest absorption on water, or with the use of Nd:YAG laser with the deepest tissue penetration.

innowacyjny laser Fotona LightWalker - Nawrocki Clinic


  • Two optimal wavelengths Er:YAG and Nd:YAG in dental lasers
  • Excellent results of procedure
  • The highest level of safety
  • Painless procedures
  • No need of anaesthesia
  • Faster healing and better post-operative comfort

Treatment of hypersensitivity

The problem connected with the occurrence of hypersensitivity always causes significant discomfort, not easy to deal with. Laser assisted treatment is the only non-invasive method which just after the first application results in the complete disappearance of the problem. LightWalker laser treatment method is very fast and brings the long-awaited relief.

Touchwhite laser whitening method offers:

  • fast and virtually non-invasive treatment
  • very good effects of procedure
  • safety and precision
  • lack of post-operative hypersensitivity (or very low hypersensitivity)
  • high effectiveness

TouchWhite™ patented tooth whitening system is based on Er:YAG, 2940 nm. laser wavelength. TouchWhite™ procedure is the most effective and the least invasive laser assisted tooth whitening method available. Due to high absorption of whitening gels the radiation beam of Er:YAG laser is fully absorbed into gel and does not penetrate into soft tissue or pulp. Full laser energy is thus effectively used to heat up gel. There is no risk of accidentally damaging of tooth tissue because laser fluence in case of each impulse is set at a lower level than the tooth tissue ablation threshold.

Lasers in dentistry have a broad scope of applications.

LightWalker ;laser is an ideal tool which wonderfully suits the needs of the youngest patients. Now the dentist will no longer be associated with pain and unpleasant sound of drilling. Laser treatment means painless procedure, more gentle and not requiring applying anaesthesia to a young patient. That is exactly why LightWalker laser is the only device that can make your child no longer afraid of going to a dentist and feel stress-free during procedures.
TwinLight TPT periodontic treatment is a minimally invasive form of treating periodontal diseases, using two optimal lengths of laser applied in dentistry. Applying TwinLight technology makes it possible to optimize treatment of periodontal diseases. This procedure creates the most favourable conditions for healing of periodontal lesions by removing of damaged cells lining the periodontal pocket, removing tartar from the root surface and sealing of pocket with a stable fibrin clot. Treating lesions with TPT method allows to deal with both moderate and severe periodontal diseases without the need to use scalpel or stitches.
TwinLight Endodontic Treatment (TET) is a revolutionary method which uses the energy of Er:YAG laser in order to create photoacustic shock waves. The impact of a shock wave in the solution cleansing the root canal cleans the side branches of the canal and removes smear layer from dentine tubules During the second stage a deeply penetrating wave of Nd:YAG laser radiation is used, ensuring the effective disinfection of the root canal walls up to 1000 μm depth. During this stage the high peak value of Nd:YAG laser capacity plays an important role, thanks to which the temperature necessary for the elimination of bacteria is achieved.
Treating caries with LightWalker laser does not require application of anaesthesia. It makes the procedure entirely painless and even patients with very low threshold of pain are fully satisfied with the course and effects of treatment. The quality of procedure after processing of caries tissue with LightWalker laser is incomparably better in relation to traditional methods of treatment currently available on the market. During dental laser assisted procedure there is no such thing as so called secondary caries, or reappearance of bacteria in the area treated before.
Lasers have a wide range of use also during surgical procedures performed both on soft and hard tissue. These procedures are carried out with extreme precision, usually take less time and there are no post-operative discomfort which may occur in case of using traditional methods. Laser is used, among other things, to perform frenectomy, crown lengthening, implant uncovering, uncovering detained teeth, root resection, bone distraction, post-operative tissue biomodulation, thanks to which the healing process can be faster, often without oedema and pain.
NightLase ia a quick and non-invasive method which contributes to increasing patient's quality of sleep.. NightLase procedure, thanks to application of Er:YAG laser radiation of gentle, shallow impact decreases the occurrence of sleep apnea and the amplitude of snoring. Anaesthesia during this procedure is not required. During NightLase procedures laser light heats up tissue causing contraction of collagen and, in turn, stiffening of tissue. This, consequently decreases vibrations of soft tissue of the palate and uvula and diminishes the frequency of sleep apnea. Full course of treatment consists of three separate procedures performed within 6 weeks. Single procedure consists of preliminary stage and final stage. Results of the procedure were evaluated on the basis of patient survey and the study conducted with the use of polysomnography ( Golnik University Clinic, Slovenia). In all patients who underwent this treatment improvement was reported already after the first procedure. Results of treatment lasts for up to one year. In case of snoring recurrence it is advised to undergo another session of procedures.
The most versatile laser system LightWalker enables us to perform the widest range of aesthetic procedures available in one system, From delicate resurfacing of skin to effective rejuvenating procedures, Er:YAG Fotona laser produces maximum effect with minimum depth of laser beam penetration. LightWalker is the ideal tool for quick, cold ablation. In VLP (long impulse) mode it assures the deepest thermal effects. It acts very effectively in removing of acne scars. It is an extremely precise surgical tool able to remove any skin lesions micron by micron. The largest procedural laser dots in the world in connection with easy to use Fotona heads makes procedures even faster and less tiring for patient. LightWalker Derma smoothing program produces deep controlled thermal effects in skin during aesthetic procedures. Effective removal of hair and sealing of blood vessels for all types of skin Fotona long impulse Nd:YAG laser is characterised by homogeneous penetration and low absorption through tissue chromophores. These two advantages allow Nd:YAG laser to reach deeper structures without damaging the epidermis, regardless of skin type. System is an excellent choice for effective removal of hair and blood vessel-related procedures for all skin types. LightWalker allows you to work faster and more efficiently: saving your precious time.
LightWalker AT system expands your practice range and meets your customers' expectations. It allows us to achieve the best clinical results, it is fast and gentle. Technology of Variable Square Pulse (QSP) by Fotona adjusts laser parameters to the procedure, ensuring easy use you deserve. Square pulse may treat various ailments with incomparably higher efficiency, without overheating adjacent tissue, in this way providing patient's comfort. Additionally, the built-in technology of impulse feedback (EFC) guarantees that the output energy of laser is always in accordance with parameters which you set, offering the highest level of safety and reliability of the system.
Fotona erbium lasers use 2940nm wave for minimal ablation in quick procedures which remove micro-elements of damaged tissue, producing a deep thermal effect. Classic non-ablative fractionating procedures leave in skin thousands of micro-elements containing hot, dead remains of treated tissue. The excess of heat of this tissue is trapped in skin causing unnecessary pain and discomfort. Fotona fractionating head removes the remains of this tissue from skin, diminishing pain and quickening the recovery process. Clean micro-canals have the same zone of thermal reaction as micro-canals after non-ablative fractionating procedure but they do not cause irritation, oedema or pain. After the procedure with the help of Fotona fractionating head micro-canals close up and heal much faster than in case of classic non-ablative fractionating techniques.
innowacyjny laser Fotona LightWalker - Nawrocki Clinic

Lasers have also a number of uses in dermatology and aesthetic medicine:

Lasers have also a number of uses in dermatology and aesthetic medicine:

Thanks to the use of lasers the procedures performed by the doctor are more comfortable for the patient and the treatment is painless and any potential unpleasant sensation is minimized. We can obtain such effect by applying the appropriate length of light wave, which makes it possible to selectively process the tissue. Such procedures are incredibly precise, safe for the patient and the healing process is much faster.