Implants - the best natural replacement of lost teeth.

We recommend implants to our patients because they are the most natural-looking replacement for lost teeth, do not cause bone disintegration around the missing teeth, do not require polishing adjacent teeth, are aesthetic and comfortable in use. As a result of replacing the tooth root with an implant dental arches regain their natural shape, which in turn results in our patients smiling more willingly. Modern method of replacing lost teeth and restoring functionality, aesthetics and comfort of natural teeth. The method consists in inserting a titanium element into the bone. It replaces the root and enables the dentist to make a restoration of the whole tooth on its base. Implants are an excellent solution in case of a single lost tooth, larger number of missing teeth or in case of complete lack of teeth (anodontia).

Insertion of implant is preceded with detailed analysis of anatomical conditions with the use of digital pantographic and tomographic imaging in order to give our patients maximum safety and guarantee the success of the procedure.

The best natural replacement of lost teeth.

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