Cerec by Sirona system is a definite leader among the diverse CAD/CAM solutions available on the market. The system's history started in 1983, where it was invented and then in 1985 the first crown was successfully inserted in a patient’s mouth. Along with the development of computer power and technology and recent advances in dental materials it has been possible to obtain increasingly better results. At present this system enables us to produce different restorations directly at the clinic during a single appointment. After some preparatory work on the tooth for a crown or veneer the experienced dentist takes a scan using a special camera, CEREC Omnicam or Apollo DI Sirona, which produces a digital impression. Next, the dental technician in just a few minutes is able to design a restoration which is then milled from a porcelain block using a specialized numerical moulder.

Restorations which are obtained with this method are characterized by high aesthetic value. This is due to using full ceramic restorations without the metal foundation. The fact that we have highly skilled and experienced dental technicians at the clinic allows us to directly choose the colour so as to ideally match the fillings with individual characteristics of the adjoining natural teeth. Another advantage of such restorations is their durability due to the specific hardness of the porcelain and precise fitting (the milling precision is accurate to within 25 µm). It is very important to our patients that we’re able to make such restorations much faster so that a completed crown, veneer or bridge can be delivered within two hours after the teeth are prepared without waiting, as it was necessary using the previous method, for 7 - 10 days and 2 or 3 appointments.

Using this technique we also eliminate the necessity of making imprints which is unpleasant for the patients. The patient is able to take an active part in designing his own smile - it's easy, it's fun and it positively affects the patient's engagement in treatment and the general atmosphere. The designed shape and size of the teeth and their relation to the adjoining teeth can be viewed on the monitor beforehand. We strive for perfect restorations, but at the same time we consider the individual needs of each patient to produce a beautiful and harmonious smile.

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