In Nawrocki Clinic we make use of the most modern FOTONA LightWalker laser device which has multiple applications in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. By combining two complementary laser heads: Er:YAG i Nd:YAG, the spectrum if their use is versatile and ranges from: sealing of blood vessels, reduction of erythema (redness), removal of acne lesions, hair and stretch marks removal to photo-rejuvenation procedures and innovative snoring therapy. Procedures where FOTONA laser is used are safe, practically painless and the recovery process isn't long, which makes it more and more often a method of choice instead of more invasive aesthetic medicine procedures .

innowacyjny laser Fotona LightWalker - Nawrocki Clinic

Nd:YAG laser procedures:

This procedure results in permanent and rapid removal of excess hair, both fair and dark. During this procedure only the hair which are in their growth phase (anagen) are destroyed, therefore it needs to be repeated 4-6 times at 4-week intervals.
Minor broken blood vessels and dilated capillaries are a frequently occurring and a serious aesthetic problem. The use of FOTONA laser guarantees an excellent, instant result: the skin problem disappears and the epidermis is not damaged.
Vessel erythema (face redness) appears as a result of hyper-reactivity of capillaries in response to emotions, physical conditions or weather. It can become a permanent skin problem. Laser treatment allows us to reduce this problematic condition and significantly improve skin appearance, in certain cases even leading to total removal of redness. Skin regeneration after the procedure lasts about 2-4 weeks and usually requires performance of 3-5 procedures in a series.
During this procedure we use laser light of the deepest-penetrating ray which reaches the deep layers of skin and triggers regeneration processes. In this procedure haemoglobin absorbs the impact of laser-generated energy and the minor blood vessels in dermis are contracted. In this way the skin vascularisation and collagen undergo reconstruction. The final effect is noticeably smoother skin, less visible pores, improved skin firmness and balanced skin tone. It is advised to perform this procedure several times (from 3 to 6) at 2-4-week intervals. Gradual rejuvenation process can be observed within 12 months from the first procedure.
In laser treatment of acne we take advantage of laser's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial impact. A beam of light penetrates the deep layers of skin, damaging the sebaceous glands and destroying bacteria. The improvement is noticeable already after the first procedure, however, to obtain optimal results, it is suggested to repeat the procedure after a few days/weeks. Laser procedures are also used to treat post-acne scars through their flattening as well as improving skin firmness and balancing skin tone.

Er:YAG laser procedures:

FOTONA laser is the first appliance in the world to be used for face endolift and to guarantee such spectacular effects. This non-invasive procedure conducted inside oral cavity causes very intense firming, stimulation of collagen production throughout the whole tissue depth and filling of lines or wrinkles without the use of filling substances. The results are visible already after the first procedure.
This treatment uses four procedures possible to carry out thanks to FOTONA laser technology. The effects are stunning. The tissue is rejuvenated on all levels, which provides intense firming and collagen production and filling of lines and wrinkles without the use of filling substances. The procedure starts with endolift, then continues with non-ablative skin lift and in subsequent stages a long impulse affects deeply located tissue, followed by laser exfoliation on epidermis.
Just after a few days after the procedure has been performed the skin becomes more radiant and evenly coloured, minor discolourations vanish and after 4-5 weeks skin density increases. Best results are obtained with a series of 2-5 procedures performed every 2-8 weeks.
It is a procedure consisting in minimal ablative skin smoothing through gentle epidermis exfoliation and restructuring of collagen. This kind of treatment is especially recommended for those wishing to improve skin firmness and smoothness with simultaneous quick recovery period.
Stretchmark reduction by means of FOTONA laser may be performed both in phase I, when we can notice new red marks (then the effect is the most spectacular) and in phase II, when the marks look like faded, pale stripes.
It is a procedure which produces a long-lasting effect, when needed, it should be repeated 2 or 3 times, depending on clinical results. The outcome is lighter, glowing complexion without discolourations and imperfections, and its general condition is much healthier.
Treatment of snoring with the use of laser light involves heating up the tissue of soft palate, uvula, palatal arches and root of tongue, which causes shrinkage of palatal fibres Thanks to that the tissue is more flexible and less prone to vibrations. It is a painless procedure, does not require anaesthesia and does not produce any side effects. It immediately improves patients' quality of sleep as well as brings more peace and comfort to their relatives. A series of 4 procedures is suggested, to be repeated once a year, if needed.

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Thanks to the use of lasers the procedures performed by the doctor are more comfortable for the patient and the treatment is painless and any potential unpleasant sensation is minimized. We can obtain such effect by applying the appropriate length of light wave, which makes it possible to selectively process the tissue. Such procedures are incredibly precise, safe for the patient and the healing process is much faster.